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About Us

Create Your Masterpiece at Koi Dragon Tattoos

Experience the exceptional at Koi Dragon Tattoos, a premier tattoo parlor rooted in the heart of Murray, Utah. We are not just a team of tattoo artists; we are the architects of unique, meaningful, and personalized body art that resonates with the stories and spirits of our clients. Armed with over two decades of combined expertise, our dedicated artists excel in diverse styles, specializing in custom designs, floral motifs, and traditional Japanese tattoos.

Why Choose Us

At Koi Dragon Tattoos, we specialize in turning your vision into masterpieces with a range of services, including Custom, Floral, and Japanese Style Tattoos.

Expertise and Experience

Our seasoned artists use their deep knowledge to craft tattoos that stand the test of time, ensuring each piece is a masterpiece reflecting your unique story.

Personalized Approach

Your vision is our canvas. We prioritize your ideas and stories, dedicating time to understanding and conceptualizing your dream tattoo.

High Standard Hygiene

Your safety is our utmost priority. Our studios maintain the highest hygiene standards, providing a clean and sanitized environment.

Diverse Styles Offered

Our artists’ versatility ensures that you find the style that resonates with you, making your tattoo a genuine reflection of your essence.

Reliable and Professional

We guarantee timely services, ensuring that every appointment is honored with punctuality and the focused attention it deserves.

Aftercare Guidance

Receive comprehensive guidance on maintaining your tattoo’s vibrancy and health, ensuring it remains a source of pride throughout the years.

The Values We Stand By

Koi Dragon Tattoos is built upon a foundation of values that steer our approach toward creating memorable tattoo experiences. Understanding that every tattoo carries a special significance, we mold each aspect of our services to resonate with your expectations, ensuring that the journey of getting tattooed is as profound as the tattoo itself.
Meet Our Team

”Our Expertise ”


Tattoo Artist 12 years experience
I am a skilled tattoo artist with 12 years of experience in the industry. My work encompasses a wide range of tattoo styles, but I have a particular passion for Japanese, Floral, and Realism designs. Over the years, I have honed my craft and developed a deep understanding of various techniques and client preferences within these styles. Tattooing is not just a job for me; it's a true art form that I'm deeply dedicated to, and I take pride in creating meaningful and beautiful tattoos for my clients.


Tattoo Artist 5 years experience
As the resident artist at Koi Dragon Tattoos, I, Sophia, with years of experience, bring precision and passion to the studio. My journey in the industry is etched with a deep love for Japanese, Floral, and Realism tattoos. Each piece I create is a symphony of color and detail, reflecting my commitment to the art form and the narratives my clients wish to tell. My hands are fluent in the language of ink, from the gentle sweep of a petal to the fierce curve of a dragon's claw. Tattooing, for me, is not merely a profession—it's a calling. It's about giving life to your visions and memories, and I am devoted to crafting tattoos that are as meaningful and authentic as the stories they represent.