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Key Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Tattoo Placement and Size

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When getting a new tattoo, picking the right size and place on your body is as crucial as choosing the design. To make sure your new tattoo not only looks but also feels amazing, consider the following guidelines.

1. Personal Comfort and Pain Tolerance

When getting a tattoo, the discomfort can range from mild to excruciating, depending on the location. Areas with more fat, like arms and thighs, usually hurt less, while bonier parts, like the ribs or ankles, can be more sensitive. Consider your own pain tolerance when choosing a placement.

2. Visibility

Consider how visible you want your tattoo to be. If you prefer something more private, choose areas that are easily covered by clothing, like the upper arm or back. For a tattoo you’d like to show off, consider more visible areas like the forearm or wrist.

3. Size and Detail of the Design

The complexity and size of your tattoo design also influence where it should be placed. Larger, more detailed tattoos need broader spaces like the back or thigh. Slimmer, more basic styles look great anywhere from the wrist to the ankle to the ear.

4. Professional Image

Your tattoo should not negatively impact your professional appearance. If you work in a formal environment, consider getting your tattoo in a less visible area that can be easily concealed during working hours.

5. Adaptability and Aging

Body changes such as weight fluctuations, and aging can affect how a tattoo looks over time. Placements like the upper arms or abdomen might be affected more by such changes.

6. Consider Multiple Tattoos

If you plan on getting multiple tattoos, think about how your new tattoo will fit with future ones. This can help create a harmonious overall look and give you more flexibility in future tattoo placements.


It’s important to put some thought into where and how big your tattoo will be. Take into consideration your pain tolerance, the visibility of the tattoo, your professional image, and future body changes. Remember, there’s no rush in making a decision—take your time to choose a placement and size that you will be happy with for years to come.